Seniors from Small Talk share their thoughts

After Small Talk concluded at Kovan Hub, we invited the participants to share their thoughts. This is what they said –

Mdm Lee Siak Huay (Kopi-so) – Ms Han is very patient with the seniors.

Jennifer Goh (Centre Manager, Jia Ying Senior Activity Centre) – When this thought of Community Theatre brought up by Rane from PA Passion Arts, I wasn’t confident that my seniors would love to do so. However after meeting with Ms Jalyn Han, she gave me the confidence that she has her way to win the seniors. I also told her we have to try and we start off with 17 of them and if they come back for 2nd session, that means they would love to give it a try. I am so glad that 13 of them continued for more than 8 sessions of the practice and they are all very excited. It brings out the confidence of individual from the youngest participant 51 years old to 80years old.

Tan Tnar Chuan (po-zua auntie)– My granddaughter is very proud that I, almost 80years old have the opportunity to perform despite being wheelchair bound.

Toh Kim Hong – It is a privilege for me, at 80 years old still has a chance to go up stage and hold a microphone. All these years in my life, I do not have a chance to do so.

Irene Soon – Ms Jalyn Han our director is a humble, friendly, soft spoken and patient person. We are seniors aunties and being first time standing on stage performing, all of us have stage fright and some of us had never hold a microphone before. Throughout the 8 working sessions, first few sessions, Ms Han listened to our kampong stories, she choreograph and turn it into a small talk performance. She patiently taught us how to overcome forgetfulness, be natural, presentation skills and we also enjoy ourselves thoroughly. We thank her for a time given to us and we appreciate the experience of the performance in this chapter of our life.

Lim Sai Hue – 韩老师对我们很好,她很用心地教我们, 很认真。我们很高兴有机会学习。非常谢谢她。

Lee Theng Inn – The performance at Kovan Hub and Kallang CC has given me confidence, joy and a victorious spirit. The sharing of the era between 1950s to 1960s has indeed given our younger generation an understanding of what is it like at that time. This short light-hearted presentation indeed gives us an opportunity to share what we have went through previously.