Seeding Lab for Artist(e)s – Phase 2

Note: This workshop is only opened to participants who have completed Phase 1 of Seeding Lab.


Dear Participants of Phase 1,

Singaporeans often do not have the time to slow down, observe and feel the pulse of life beyond “making a living”. The same could be said for arts practitioners, so busy with projects that we forget how it’s like to create something not knowing what it might lead to.

I hope that Seeding Lab provided a good environment for you to rediscover your inner voice and unearth the creative energy in you that is not bounded by norms and standards.  I’d like to thank Noise Movement, which made Seeding Lab possible with their partial funding.

An Invitation

With the conclusion of our 5-day workshop of Phase 1, I would like to invite you to take part in Phase 2 of Seeding Lab, which will see you collaborate with professional artists in April and May 2016. This is not just a continuation of the bonds you’ve formed with fellow artists, but also to foster the exchange of different art forms, which I believe will add much vibrancy to the local arts scene.

If you’re interested to join Phase 2, please email me at by 31 March 2016.

Meanwhile, keep your mind curious!




In support of youth arts participation