Creative Direction

Creative Direction

“我期许把不同文化背景的艺术家们凝聚在一起,提供一个平台,发挥他们在不同领域累积起来的艺术养分。不画地自限,大家回归初衷; 天马行空地提出跨界点子 。”

Under Jalyn’s helm, InARTS has presented numerous artistic productions. With Jalyn’s unique ability to bring together artists from different disciplines and an eye for spotting upcoming local talents, she has time and time again managed to develop work that is innovative and imaginative that speaks across languages, cultures, and generations.

Featured Projects (as Creative Director, Director or Choreographer):

Pop-Up Noise: Soul Searching, NOISE Singapore & National Arts Council
起航 Voyage, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
九。歌, Lianhe Zaobao 90th Anniversary Arts Extravaganza Concert
Afar 远角, Esplanade Presents The Studios
Essence of The Phoenix, National Gallery Singapore
贤文雅韵 之《三字经》与《弟子规》, Singapore Chinese Orchestra
白言 White Soliloquy, Toy Factory
男男自语 Language of Their Own, Singapore Arts Festival
何处一盏灯 HO AM I, Fundraising Musical by Man Fut Tong Temple & Nursing Home
If There’re Seasons, The Theatre PracticeI

Jalyn also has extensive acting credits in theatre, film and television. To view her full portfolio, please contact