We always know of some people who can speak their mother tongue and a few other languages. They may not be experts in those languages, but they can always make small talk with friends of other races or dialects. As dialects and mother tongues fade into history, do we feel less connected with our past? Do we know our past?

For a group of 14 elderly neighbours living at Hougang Avenue 3, home is where the heart is. In a series of workshops conducted by theatre veteran Jalyn Han from InArts Productions, unforgettable stories of their lives were uncovered from sixty years ago and threaded together to form a colourful tapestry of fond memories.

They will be sharing their stories at Kovan Hub on 27 April 2013, Saturday as part of  PAssionARTS Month 2013. Join us at 12.30pm or 2.00pm.

Kovan Hub is located at Blk 206 Hougang St 21 (old Kovan bus terminal near Kovan MRT station).


你认为“家”在哪里? 对居住在后港3道的十几位老居民而言,家是养鸡养鸭,上山挑水,跟弟妹抢东西吃,看五毛钱一出戏的地方。在剧场导演韩雪卿的引导与构思下,她们穿越时空,用潮州话、马来话一起回忆儿时精彩的趣事,闲话家常。

她们会在旧高文巴士总站分享她们即将消失的共同记忆。就在4月27日,星期六,下午12点半以及两点。 来跟我们一起话家常吧!



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