Seeding Lab Participants’ Feedback

Minimal form, minimal structure, minimal theories are the most challenging to the participants. But, I have never been more liberated. Seeding Lab allows me a space for discovery– something that is so precious. In every workshops, there are instructors who feel compelled to teach as much as possible; participants who feel compelled to take in as much as possible. But there is never much thought given to the participants to explore, discover, feel, sense, create on their own… Seeding Lab is a luxurious platform for artists– or any human beings– to BE instead of DO. 

As a writer, visual is very important in my works. Through Seeding Lab, I am awaken to other elements: colours, movements, temperature, smell, humidity, touch, weight, sounds, vibrations, inner and outer monologues…. This awakening will definitely be important for my exploration in writing. 

It is wonderful to work with other people with different skills, experience and perspectives. A common experience then can have multiple narratives and possibilities. Multi-disciplinary exchanges is the core philosophy of Seeding Lab and I look forward to exploring multi-disciplinary art forms

In Seeding Lab, we are our own teachers and students.  ~ Hai Bin – Theatre Practitioner/Writer


Before joining the course, I had totally no idea what to expect. I was unsure if the course would benefit me in any way (in terms of adding new knowledge or skills).

After attending the course, I asked myself what have I gained from it. We would not be doing justice to the course if we were to use any form of practical measures to evaluate the course. It was an invaluable experience of self-realisation; and rediscovering things that have always been around us, or within us, which we failed to acknowledge.

Be free-spirited and open-minded. The course teaches everyone different things because it is how you view everything that you experience here.  ~ Chloe Seah – Tutor/ Song Writer



I will try to trust in simpler things rather than gimmicks and try to generate things more organically, from the senses. 

It was interesting because it was very supportive and nurturing even though different participants had different experience levels with different types of art. It’s good to be in a supportive environment rather than being pressured towards a product.

I would have liked to understand more clearly the link between the workshop and my practice as an actress, specifically between simple experience and the minimum effort the performer needs to make to connect with the audience. ~ Jo Tan – Performer/ Writer


This workshop has definitely impacted me a lot as a person, not just my own art practices. The basis for us to do well / improve ourselves in our own art forms is to first accept ourselves as who we are as a person, understanding our own feelings, senses and emotions.

I really enjoyed myself very much throughout the whole process in understanding myself better, as well as working and learning with others. ~ NIE Student



This workshop helped me more deeply as a person, but as theatre lighting designer, I am not more sensitive to the sensations and feeling that a story wants to portray and through the technical knowledge I have with lighting, I can help the director achieve a more desired atmosphere and scene.

What a wonderful bunch of course mates. Everyone was very professional, helping one another out and even being vulnerable in front of one another, all of them are such a pleasure to be with throughout the whole process.

I look forward to more practice and contribute to seeding lab!  ~ Alvin Chai – Theatre Tech/ Lighting Designer