Seeding Lab Participants’ Feedback

Seeding Lab Participants’ Feedback

Neo Hai Bin, Freelance theatre practitioner

As a writer, visuals are very important in my works. Through Seeding Lab, I am awaken to other elements: colours, movements, temperature, smell, humidity, touch, weight, sounds, vibrations, inner and outer monologues…. This awakening will definitely be important for my exploration in writing. Seeding Lab does not attempt to teach. It serves instead to remind, and most importantly it is every participants’ responsibility to discover his/ her own habits, methods, and culture, and seek actively to not be bounded by them. In Seeding Lab, we are our own teachers and students.

Jo Tan, Performer/writer

Seeding Lab was interesting because it was very supportive and nurturing even though different participants had different experience levels with different types of art. It’s good to be a in a supportive environment rather than being pressured towards (creating) a product. I would recommend Seeding Lab to performance artists.

Alvin Chai, Lighting designer

This workshop helped me more deeply as a person, but as theatre lighting designer, I am now more sensitive to the sensations and feeling that a story wants to portray and through the technical knowledge I have with lighting, I can help the director achieve a more desired atmosphere and scene. This experience has been an important life lesson, as a person, also as an artist. Seeding Lab allows me to feel more, to appreciate those empty spaces in between. Instead of focusing on “doing”, now I realise that when I quiet down and take away all the distractions including my own thoughts, I can see clearer. I believe anyone with an artist in them should participate in this course to reinvigorate their passion for whatever art they pursue. To be lost once again and to find their way through Seeding Lab.

Chloe Seah, Tutor

It was an invaluable experience of self-realisation; and rediscovering things that have always been around us, or within us, which we failed to acknowledge. The course emphasized on developing your own thinking – no right or wrong in everything you do. In whichever perspective you choose to see, that is what makes you different from others. The course also emphasized on rediscovering your senses. The activities which asked us to make fuller use of our senses, serves as a reminder of my own weaknesses and to overcome my own mental obstacle.

Other Testimonials

Loo Zihan, Part-time educator/artist

Jalyn is a wonderful person, nurturing and caring. I am new to performing in theatre and her guidance and patience was essential. With her help and advice I was able to cope with the pressure and stress of ‘live’ performance. She helped to clarify various issues I have with the character and performance in front of a ‘live’ audience. Her years of experience in theatre and performance is evident in the way she gives out her generous advice.

It is difficult to discern between our personal and working relationship as Jalyn has always gone to extra lengths to ensure that my worries and needs were taken care of during the production period. She is a maternal figure to all in the production. She is a fantastic teacher and advisor. I would like to thank her, without her help and advice; the pressure of performance would have overwhelmed me. It is with her help that I had the confidence to go onstage, because I know she will be there to advice me honestly if I falter.

Cindy Ng, Teacher

As a working partner, she is really serious when it comes to work. She works effectively to get things done and will always strive for the best. A great and responsible partner to work with. As a trainer, she has her own special methods to teach her students. From my experience with her during my secondary school days, I always remember her lessons to be enriching and at the same time, fun and interesting. She handles different students differently, catering to their different needs.

Peggy Ferroa, Freelance writer, director, actor

What touched me most about working with Jalyn was that she always seems to know when you’re lost and jumps in to help you. When I couldn’t manage dance steps, she came up to help me understand what I was doing wrong. Boosted my confidence no end. There is also no ego about her and she’s always ready to learn, experiment, and above all, help.

Johnny Tan Fong Wei, Student, Peking University

It has been most rewarding to have learned from Jalyn and worked with her. She is a mentor who believes in patiently guiding her students and this made us respect her because she is more than just a teacher, she is a friend who truly cares for your well-being and your dreams. People who have worked with her or have been mentored by her will gain confidence and learn more about themselves through performing arts, as she is very encouraging and her courses are designed in the perspective of the target audience.

In my opinion, this is not to her, just another mundane routine of work, it is the source of joy to her when she sees her students take baby steps in creating new masterpieces for the arts scene in Singapore. This is because she is always passionate in grooming youths to be future artists. I wish her all the very best in this noble and altruistic work!

Kok Siew, Professional in the Legal Service

Jalyn is everything good rolled into one compact unit. Humourous, inspiring and always professional. She’s ever willing to dispense advice and encouragement, and despite being one multi-talented individual with a wealth of experience, she never throws her weight around. I would jump at the chance to work with her again!

NIE Student

This workshop has definitely impacted me a lot as a person, not just my own art practices. The basis for us to do well / improve ourselves in our own art forms is to first accept ourselves as who we are as a person, understanding our own feelings, senses and emotions.I really enjoyed myself very much throughout the whole process in understanding myself better, as well as working and learning with others.