Performance: Bringing Up Ben

31 May 2013, Friday
1730 to 1830
The Playden, The Arts House

Low Kok Wai, Ms. Jalyn Han, and Y STARS (Singapore)

A young adult with an intellectual disability faces many challenges and uncertainties. “Bringing Up Ben” will confront issues of health, death, puberty, employment and quality of life for youths with ID. This performance seeks to open up a space for these issues to be concretised and interrogated by members both in and outside the community; humanising their identities and struggles in the process.
Low Kok Wai is an arts educator and theatre director whose interests include South-East Asian theatre, intercultural performances, community theatre, and theatre/drama studies for higher education. He has been volunteering as a theatre director/educator with people with intellectual disabilities for 15 years. Kok Wai is currently a lecturer of drama and theatre studies at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University Brunei Darussalam.

Jalyn Han is a theatre practitioner and trainer with over 30 years of experience in performing arts and theatre education. Her journey has connected her with people from all walks of life, including children, youths-at-risk, senior citizens, and people with intellectual disability. Jalyn currently teaches drama to several theatre groups as well as mainstream and special needs schools.

YSTARS stands for Youths with Special Talents Arts & Recreation Society. Formed in 2003 by a group of parent volunteers, the group strongly believes in raising the quality of life for special youths beyond the walls of the schools and sheltered workshops. Through a range of inclusive arts programmes like dance and visual art, youths are empowered to express their personality beyond their disability and engage with the larger community.

This performance is part of the Singapore Drama Educators Association Theatre Arts Conference 2013



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