Secret to Winning 赢的秘诀

Drama workshops with YAH! Problem Gambling Prevention AmbassadorsCommissioned by YAH! Community College, Drama Box and National Council for Problem Gambling

Over the course of three months, Jalyn facilitated workshops with the YAH! Problem Gambling Prevention Ambassadors to develop a series of skits. As Ambassadors, these senior volunteers often conduct outreach activities and events to educate the public on the dangers of problem gambling and to provide support to the family members of problem gamblers. Drawing from their personal experiences and stories, the skits were performed as part of YAH!’s community outreach activity.

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Bringing Up Ben

Performance with the Y-Stars (Down Syndrome Youths)
Presented as part of the SDEA Theatre Arts Conference

A young adult with an intellectual disability faces many challenges and uncertainties. “Bringing Up Ben” will confront issues of health, death, puberty, employment and quality of life for youths with ID. This performance seeks to open up a space for these issues to be concretised and interrogated by members both in and outside the community; humanising their identities and struggles in the process.

This performance is presented by Jalyn Han, Low Kok Wai and YSTARS.

YSTARS stands for Youths with Special Talents Arts & Recreation Society. Formed in 2003 by a group of parent volunteers, the group strongly believes in raising the quality of life for special youths beyond the walls of the schools and sheltered workshops. Through a range of inclusive arts programmes like dance and visual art, youths are empowered to express their personality beyond their disability and engage with the larger community.



Drama workshops with seniors
First commissioned by PAssionARTS

We always hear of older folks who can speak a smattering of other languages. They may not be experts in those languages, but they can always make small talk with friends of other races or dialects.

In this 8-session workshop, a group of 14 elderly neighbours living at Hougang Avenue 3 gathered every week to share their stories from days past. Between 51 years old to 80 years old, the senior participants may not all speak the same language, but through the workshops, they managed to uncover stories of their lives in the neighbourhood, finding a common language of memory, through the colourful tapestry of small talk.


你认为“家”在哪里? 对居住在后港3道的十几位老居民而言,家是养鸡养鸭,上山挑水,跟弟妹抢东西吃,看五毛钱一出戏的地方。在剧场导演韩雪卿的引导与构思下,她们穿越时空,用潮州话、马来话一起回忆儿时精彩的趣事,闲话家常。来跟我们一起话家常吧!

“It is a privilege for me, at 80 years old still has a chance to go up stage and hold a microphone. All these years in my life, I do not have a chance to do so.”Toh Kim Hong

“…Ms Jalyn Han listened to our kampong stories, she choreographed and turned it into a small talk performance. She patiently taught us how to overcome forgetfulness, be natural, presentation skills and we also enjoyed ourselves thoroughly…” – Irene Soon

“The performance at Kovan Hub and Kallang CC has given me confidence, joy and a victorious spirit. The sharing of the era between 1950s to 1960s has indeed given our younger generation an understanding of what is it like at that time…” – Lee Theng Inn

“My granddaughter is very proud that I, almost 80 years old have the opportunity to perform despite being wheelchair bound.” – Tan Tnar Chuan (po-zua auntie)

*Quotes has been translated to English



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Memories of Our Dialects

Workshops with the Geylang East Home for the Aged
Co-presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

The sound of our dialects such as Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka and Cantonese, are fast becoming alien to many of us. For the generation of elderly who continue to speak in dialect, they lived through an era without the television, where the radio box was their main source of entertainment. Many of them grew up with memories of radio dramas and the voices of notable broadcasters and storytellers.

Our elderly is a treasure trove of our history and heritage. This community project with the elderly from Geylang East Home for the Aged aims to capture some of their memories, and highlights how people from different backgrounds can come together to make Singapore their home.

To record their personal aural memories, a series of 10 workshops with 15 elderly was conducted to produce their own mini radio dramas. Personal memories of the elderly were amassed over two chit-chat sessions and the content was then further developed into short anecdotes. The elderly went through a series of workshops and rehearsals to learn how to relate these anecdotes before their voices were recorded and edited into short radio dramas.

Click here to listen to the short radio dramas.