Pop-Up Noise: Soul Searching

Watch a place, its community and history stir the souls and imagination of 30 young artists.

Photo by Joseph Nair

In this experimental edition of Pop-Up Noise: Soul Searching, Chinatown’s rich stories inspire contemporary artistic responses from visual art to interactive performances. First presented to the residents of Kreta Ayer Square, these artworks revive the experiences of a generation in a space that witnessed Singapore’s rapid progress and transformation. Join our young artists on this journey of discovery as they reconnect with history.


这项《Pop-Up Noise:寻根究底》的实验性计划,即推出一系列视觉艺术和互动式演出的创作实验,皆由牛车水丰富多彩的故事所启发。作品将首度呈现给牛车水广场的居民,在这个见证了新加坡飞速发展与变化的空间里,让一个世代的经历逐渐苏醒。让我们和青年艺术家,一同踏上这趟寻根究底之旅,与历史邂逅、久别重逢。

Commissioned Artists:
Jacklyn Kuah, Shahila Baharom (ila), Megan Miao, Charmaine Poh, SA, Hera, Ng Jun Han, Lim Jun Jie (Jey), Ng Wen Jie, Hafiz, Cassandra Koh, P7:1SMA, Germaine Cheng, Steven Ang, Lim Meng Jiat, Adeline Thng, Alvin Chai, Ben Yap and Lim Cheng Jun, Ong Lijie.

Showcased Artists:
Shawn Chia, Orhganic, Amanda Chong, Gracia Fei, Sziyi, Ying Wei, Jon Chiang, Kiat Tan WJ, Nadia So, Peck Hsiao Tyng, Stefan Tan and Lee Xin Li

Official website: soulsearchingpopup.wordpress.com

起航 Voyage

Artistic Director: Royston Tan
Creative Director: Jalyn Han

艺术总监 – 陈子谦
执行导演 – 韓雪卿

Voyage is a spectacular musical and visual journey that celebrates Singapore Chinese culture. Featuring familiar nursery rhymes and folk songs re-arranged by the critically-acclaimed The TENG Ensemble, coupled with the use of 3D projection mapping and holographic imagery synchronised with lights, each act will take audiences to a different dreamscape, where Chinese art forms and traditional values are presented with a contemporary touch.

由本地著名导演陈子谦亲自监制的新加坡华族文化中心开幕演出《起航》,结合了音乐、灯光和多媒体元素,是一场彰显新加坡华族文化丰富多元面貌的视听盛宴。备受瞩目的鼟乐团(The TENG Ensemble)将重新编曲、呈献多首耳熟能详的童谣和民谣。演出以创新手法呈现华族艺术形式和传统价值观,配合特别设计的立体全息投影,以及灯光效果,让观众宛如置身幻境。

Non-Acting Workshop for Actors

Are you an actor who always challenges your craft?

Emotions are a universal tool that can touch all beings as long as they are genuine.

This 3-day workshop will explore how you can draw from your own life experiences to just “be”, and not “act”.

No prior acting experience is required. Participants should have the desire to challenge yourselves.

Please note that this workshop will be conducted in English and Mandarin.

Seeding Lab for Artist(e)s – Phase 2

Note: This workshop is only opened to participants who have completed Phase 1 of Seeding Lab.


Dear Participants of Phase 1,

Singaporeans often do not have the time to slow down, observe and feel the pulse of life beyond “making a living”. The same could be said for arts practitioners, so busy with projects that we forget how it’s like to create something not knowing what it might lead to.

I hope that Seeding Lab provided a good environment for you to rediscover your inner voice and unearth the creative energy in you that is not bounded by norms and standards.  I’d like to thank Noise Movement, which made Seeding Lab possible with their partial funding.

An Invitation

With the conclusion of our 5-day workshop of Phase 1, I would like to invite you to take part in Phase 2 of Seeding Lab, which will see you collaborate with professional artists in April and May 2016. This is not just a continuation of the bonds you’ve formed with fellow artists, but also to foster the exchange of different art forms, which I believe will add much vibrancy to the local arts scene.

If you’re interested to join Phase 2, please email me at jalyn@inarts.com.sg by 31 March 2016.

Meanwhile, keep your mind curious!




In support of youth arts participation



Seeding Lab for Artist(e)s – Phase 1 (2nd run)

Most of the time, people get together only when a project is about to take place. In Seeding Lab, we do the reverse – explore from ‘nothing’, with nobody knowing where or what our union of ideas will lead to. And we invite all curious minds – anyone who has the desire to break away from routine and try something new – to join us on this journey of discovery.

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门里门外 Slices of Life



This is a Chinese drama based on 5 short stories written by Singaporean writer, Ai Yu. The stories will be presented with a humorous twist. The average age of the 20 actors is 65 and they will be acting in their own dialects.

  • Friday, 30 Oct, 7.45pm
  • Saturday, 31 Oct, 7.45pm

Venue: Kallang Community Club,  45 Boon Keng Road, Singapore 339771

Language: Cantonese and Hokkien with English surtitles

Tickets: $20 each from SISTIC (discounts apply)

Directed by Jalyn Han

Reviews of Tartuffe 伪君子

As with most comedy, it is the witty servant that carries the show and this one is no different. Jalyn Han as Dorine brings on the laughs with her keen comic timing and energy. She also strikes a balance between the exaggeration needed in the comedy and the quieter moments when she is a keen observer.

Darius Tan’s Orgon, is a wonderful foil to Dorine. They play off each other well and the actors’ energies are well-matched.

Extracted from the review by Isaac Tan on Centre42.sg

Secret to Winning 赢的秘诀

Drama workshops with YAH! Problem Gambling Prevention AmbassadorsCommissioned by YAH! Community College, Drama Box and National Council for Problem Gambling

Over the course of three months, Jalyn facilitated workshops with the YAH! Problem Gambling Prevention Ambassadors to develop a series of skits. As Ambassadors, these senior volunteers often conduct outreach activities and events to educate the public on the dangers of problem gambling and to provide support to the family members of problem gamblers. Drawing from their personal experiences and stories, the skits were performed as part of YAH!’s community outreach activity.

For more information about the YAH Problem Gambling Prevention Ambassadors, please visit http://www.yah.org.sg/through-action/community/.

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