InARTS Productions is founded by Jalyn Han, who has been nurtured by the Singapore creative scene for the past 30 years. InARTS was founded in March 2012 to realise her long-time dream of producing quality artistic content with heart, in collaboration with like-minded artistic talents.

Jalyn Han is a theatre practitioner and trainer with 30 years of experience in acting, directing, scriptwriting, and theatre education. Along her artistic journey, Jalyn relentlessly seeks new challenges to broaden her horizons, by participating in the production of film and music albums, and the training of artistes. She is dedicated to creating and nurturing a lifelong love for the performing arts in children, youth and seniors.

Jalyn has worked with the SAF Music & Drama Company, The Theatre Practice, The Necessary Stage, Theatreworks, Toy Factory, as well as mainstream and special needs schools.

Her recent artistic direction projects included:

  • Small Talk 2015@ Jia Ying Senior Activity Centre, Commissioned by PA/NAC
  • Essence of The Phoenix, commissioned by National Gallery Singapore(NGS) Opening Festival Carnival 2015
  • Slices of Life, by Glowers Theatre 2015
  • OPEN HOMES, commissioned by Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) 2015
  • The Lesson, Drama Box Forum Theatre commissioned by SIFA 2015
  • Seeing Anew, Silver Arts Festival 2014, commissioned by National Arts Council
  • Knit With One Heart, Community Drama @ Chingay 2014 commissioned by People’s Assocaition

  • Firecrackers & Bombshell @ The Arts House 2014 commissioned by PlaygroundEntertainment

  • Nine Songs 《九。歌》, 2013 the Lianhe Zaobao 90th Anniversary arts extravaganza at Fort Canning Park

  • Bringing Up Ben by Y-Stars (Down Syndrome Youths) for SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2013
  • Small Talk, PassionARTS Festival 2013
  • Afar (Drama Box) 2013 @ Esplanade Theatre Studio, commissioned by Esplanade
  • Memories of Our Dialects, Community Radio Project @ Moonfest 2012 commissioned by Esplanade
  • Project Mending Sky :US – Lost Conversation, 2012 Site Specific Project @ former Bukit Timah Railway Station by Drama Box

  • Ho Am I, Fundraising Musical 2012 by Man Fut Tong Temple & Nursing Home

  • Language of Their Own for the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 (NAC)
  • Melodies of Classic Virtues Concert, Hua Yi Festival 2012(Singapore Chinese Orchestra)

  • Remember to Say Goodbye (TCR Music) 2011
  • White Soliloquy (Toy Factory) 2010
  • Re:kindle Love (Ko-nen Creative) 2010

Jalyn was one of the pioneer teacher-facilitators for the Theatre For Seniors Programme at The Necessary Stage between 2008 and 2011. Her multi-lingual community theatre project ‘Small Talk’ was created to bring back the memories and voices of our senior residents.

Jalyn also has acting credits in film and television, such as 2mothers (Utter 2013) by Royston Tan, Judgment Day, Already Famous, and Love Cuts. She has acted for TV series Jump 跳浪, 小小传奇 and judged for Silver Carnival and The Sheng Siong Show. She has also been invited to choreograph the dance segments in three National Day Parades.

Jalyn’s Performing Arts-Related Training & Education

  • Protégé of Kuo Pao Kun, Acting & Directing, Practice Performing Arts, 1989 – 1991
  • Prof Stanley A. Waren, Master class in Directing, Practice Performing Arts, 1991
  • Michael Lindsey Simpson, Advance Acting , Practice Performing Arts, 1997
  • Springboard 1 & 3, TheatreWorks, 1991 & 2003
  • Danny Yung, Blanc Space Master Class, Drama Box, 2010
  • Suzuki Method Actors Training, Nine Years Theatre, 2013

  • ViewPoints Training, Nine Years Theatre, 2014

  • Suzuki & ViewPoints Jam, Nine Years Theatre, 2015

Employment  History

  • Singapore Armed Forces Music & Drama Company (1979 – 1998)
  • Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts & Cultural Troupe (since 1996)
  • OmniArts Singapore (2003 – 2005)
  • Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Singapore (2005 – 2010)

InARTS specialises in the conceptualisation, production  and promotion of shows and events. We are open to collaborations and commissioned works. We also welcome any feedback and questions that you may have.  Drop us a note!


浸濡在艺坛上超过3 0年的韩雪卿,曾先后受过专业舞蹈、戏剧、歌唱、舞台制作等的训练。这些年日以来,她不断的寻求丰富自己在表演艺术的新视野,多年来扮演着不同的角色:既是演员,又是编导,也投入戏剧教学、艺人培训和舞台制作与策划的工作,近期更是参与电影的创作、唱片策划和多个大型舞台演出制作的工作。



  • 联合早报90周年报庆《九歌》艺术飨宴
  • 滨海艺术中心呈献戏剧盒制作《远角》
  • 新加坡艺术节2012 《男男自语》
  • 万佛堂慈善筹款舞台剧《何处一盏灯》
  • 新加坡华乐团《贤文雅韵》
  • 音乐舞台剧《再见爱》、《记得说再见》、《天冷就回来》和《舞国皇后》
  • Toy肥料厂20周年庆祝剧目《白言》
  • 新加坡艺术节《街头看戏》
  • 中国四川赈灾慈善音乐会
  • 以及三度受邀担任新加坡国庆检阅礼的前奏舞蹈之指导。