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19 – 21 April 2024

Do you still remember the nights upon the stars? Or that unspoken “puppy love” that does not fade with time? How about the times reminiscing through the mischievous and fearless days, where we soar for our dreams? 
During the young and restless days of Chen Fu Liang, love was everything. The 3 ladies, who occupied a special spot in his heart, left unforgettable footprints in his life. Together with his classmates, army buddies, a Chinese aristocrat, friends from different cultural backgrounds, their self-exile or exile by the social environment creates a solemn and respectable pursuit of their opportunities. 

Adapted from Singapore’s award-winning novelist Chia Joo Ming Exile or Pursuit, the literacy work has been part of the O-level Literature in Chinese syllabus since 2019.
Despite the impact of Covid-19 epidemic when it was first staged in 2021, it has attracted over 1,200 secondary school students to watch the online performance. This year, InArts Collective is collaborating once again with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL) to bring Exile or Pursuit 2024 back on stage! 

Alongside script editor Neo Hai Bin and veteran theatre director Jalyn Han, the musical drama Exile or Pursuit 2024 will make a comeback with a super lineup and elite team! Presenting the simple times and transformation of generations through various artistic conceptions and music of the old times, this musical drama Exile or Pursuit 2024 will trace back the fond memories of our growing up years.

We sincerely invite you, your old friends and your loved ones, to join us in the theatre of modern literature, history, and the coming of age! Relive yesterday’s dream that travelled through time and space!

We are exiled by the times, but also pursuing the times!

陈福良的生命中,有三段爱情:甜美率真的秋云,性感务实的 Eileen,温柔秀⽓的⼩愿,各⾃在他⽣命中留下深刻的印记;绽放了不同的缤纷⾊彩。当然在他的⼈⽣中,还出现了许多形形⾊⾊的⼈物,年少时期的华校、英校好友,兵营⾥的同袍兄弟,流落新加坡的满清贵族,南来的移⺠……他们的⾃我放逐或被社会环境放逐,确切造就了他们机遇中庄严可敬的追求。
改编于新加坡得奖作家谢裕⺠的长篇小说《放逐与追逐》,此作品于 2019 年被指定为新加坡教育部中学华⽂⽂学必修的⽂学读本。
尽管 2021 年首演时受到Covid-19疫情的影响,仍吸引了超过1,200名中学生观看在线演出。今年,应艺聚制作(InArts Collective)再次受到新加坡教育部(Ministry of Education)与推⼴华⽂学习委员会(Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning)的特别委约,把《放逐与追逐》舞台剧重新搬上舞台!
今年再次邀约年轻作家梁海彬担任剧本修饰,由资深剧场导演韩雪卿总执导 2024 版本的⾳乐舞台剧《放逐与追逐》,将以超强阵容,精英团队,卷⼟重来!《放逐与追逐》音乐舞台剧 2024 将通过旧时代的意境和音乐的年代感,诉说着朴实的时代与世代的蜕变,追溯着你我相似的成长回忆。

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